Safety at Fairless Landfill

Safety Rules

Waste Management employees are committed to the safety and health of each other, our customers and the communities we serve by maintaining a zero tolerance mindset for unsafe behaviors and conditions.                       

  • Hard hats and reflective/high visibility vests must be worn while outside vehicle. Driver must remain within 6 feet of vehicle
  • Seat Belt use is required at all times
  • Truck spacing when dumping:
    • Full Eject Vehicle = 15’ apart
    • Tilt Frame = 15’ apart
    • End Dump = length of trailer + 10’

Site Speed Limit is 15 MPH

  • Only one person outside a vehicle at a time. No “live sweeping” of transfer trailers
  • All loads must be tarped, secured or tied down prior to entry
  • No untarping or undoing turn buckles at the scales or prior to scales
  • Untarping and undoing turnbuckles in designated areas only
  • Scavenging at the landfill is strictly prohibited
  • Towing- if you need to be towed out, you are responsible for hooking and unhooking a cable/sling from WM equipment to your truck. WM will not be responsible should any damage occur to your truck.

  • Yield right of way to landfill equipment and vehicles
  • No smoking at the working face
  • Haulers are responsible for ensuring they are not overweight
  • No one under the age of 16 is permitted outside of vehicles
  • When on the working face, do not dump in front of another truck
  • Before leaving the facility, drivers must check their vehicles to ensure they are free of debris; all trucks must go through the truck wash when in operation
  • No jake brakes are to be used on any of the approved routes
  • All Waste Haulers must use approved truck routes
  • No waiting on scale approach ramp
  • All customers and transporters must comply with Working Face Policy and Procedures.