Traveling South:

Follow Route 13 North to Tyburn Road East

Follow to New Ford Mill Road and watch for Landfill Route Signage.

Traveling North:

Follow Route 13 South to Tyburn Road East

Continue to New Ford Mill Road and follow Landfill Route Signage.


**Trucks MUST travel the same route when exiting the landfill. **

Warning! Notice to all refuse hauling vehicles :

Under NO circumstances may any truck travel any other road other than designated truck routes. All other routes are restricted by local ordinances for waste handling.

Any driver found to be in violation of the designated truck route requirements will be subject to disciplinary action. Discipline may include banning driver from facility either temporarily or permanently.

Act 90-Waste Transportation Safety Program

All waste haulers are required to have current Act 90 Stickers visible on both trucks and trailers and cab cards must be presented to the scale house attendant upon arrival.

All waste loads must be tarped and remain tarped until unloading at disposal area.