Environmental Compliance

The solid waste industry is heavily regulated by multiple agencies. Waste Management is committed to meeting and or exceeding all regulatory requirements. Each facility is maintained carefully with a goal to meet or exceed federal, state and local regulations. Fairless Landfill is required to maintain and satisfy a number of environmental permits.

Environmental Monitoring Program

In accordance with the PADEP permit, Fairless Landfill monitors groundwater, surface water and the air at the facility.

  • Groundwater monitoring is completed quarterly through a network of perimeter monitoring wells
  • Landfill gas is monitored in accordance with the Title V permit
  • Leachate is collected and treated at the Fairless WWTP and is monitored daily
  • Stormwater is sampled and analyzed annually

Fairless Landfill continues to operate in 100% compliance with all regulations.


Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Protection Oversight

A PADEP staff person is assigned to the Fairless Landfill to ensure that all operations and construction activities are conducted in accordance with environmental regulations. Duties include the following:

  • Observation of the construction and operation at the landfill to ensure that it is in accordance with the Solid Waste Permit, approved engineering plans and reports and applicable regulations
  • Visual inspection of the incoming waste as needed
  • Providing guidance to the landfill personnel on operational procedures that work successfully at other landfills
  • Monitoring the site on a daily basis